Revenue agencies publish extensive checks between Romanian individuals, information collected from Facebook – Romanian Journal

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The National Financial Management Agency (ANAF) announced on July 1 that it will begin an extensive check to confirm an individual’s income as a source of information for acquiring an individual’s property.

At a press conference on Friday, Lucien Haiusch, director of the National Tax Revenue Agency, said, “There are examples of fraudsters who oppose the public by spending exorbitant amounts of money against the luxury and luxury they show. There are many. ” No one pays taxes in the guys and their lives, and when you check their income, you find that they are almost nonexistent. “

“From July 1st, ANAF will start a large-scale check to confirm an individual’s income as an individual’s source of income. Sometimes for honest people who work hard from morning till night, around It’s an insult to see people buy a house that spins after the sun, buy a ridiculously expensive car, and they haven’t worked a day in their lives and haven’t worked. Paid. It is also unfair to economic actors, most of whom do business properly, pay taxes and obligations on time, other employers evade taxes, work illegally and earn unfair wealth. And don’t pay taxes on their lives. Their. We need to understand that these mechanisms are detrimental to the national budget, but at the same time even create antisocial models. , Creates great frustration in Romanian society. “ Heius said.

The chief of ANAF said that personal information is collected from everywhere, including Facebook. “”Get information from anywhere, including Facebook. They didn’t pay taxes, and when you check the income they have, you find that they are almost nonexistent.Heiuș was added.

Through these actions, ANAF wants to verify whether the assets accumulated by individuals are consistent with the income earned.

“”As a result of the astonishing and rebellious risk analysis, 561,000 people have actually accumulated, and the four years of 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, and 2020 were completed at the end of September. Note that at the end of 2021, 561,000 people accumulated the difference between our estimated income and the € 20 billion filing and taxable income (…) people, in four years for 560,000 people. There are 20 billion euros. You can’t continue like this. “, ANAF Director said.

He argued that the Romanian tax office must also do what the tax office is doing anywhere in the world.

“We check the amount declared by the individual and the taxes he paid. We check how much he has accumulated. There is a discussion. The taxpayer justifies. Where does he receive the money? I’m trying to say that he bought 20 apartments when he was actually taxed income of 10,000 euros. If he can’t justify them, we make a difference, Tax at 16% and calculate the relevant accessories every year. We can’t go behind them for more than 5 years a day. In the case of accounts receivable we respect the general prescription period. But I, We direct more than half of our ability to manage people to individuals so that they do not affect corporations that continue to oppose tax exemptions or some of the anti-fraud measures, but we have a cumulative total of 200 for these 561,000 people. We will make a difference of 100 million euros. We will not skip anything. We will start from high to low. There are at least 70 control teams every month to make these assessments. Prime Minister Nikolai Chuka I fully support the entire coalition, because I agree that this is the last silver bullet available to the tax office in Romania for those who do not understand that they have to pay taxes and fees. However, you should no longer act in violation of the law. Revenue agencies publish extensive checks between Romanian individuals, information collected from Facebook – Romanian Journal

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