RI has 44 globally accredited hospitals to enhance health tourism

Several Indonesian hospitals now offer traditional herbal medicine outlets and traditional massage services to attract tourists to experience wellness tourism in Indonesia.

JAKARTA (ANTARA) – A total of 44 internationally accredited hospitals have the potential to help develop health and wellness tourism in Indonesia, according to 2021 data from the Indonesian Hospital Association (PERSI).

While attending the 2022 International Wellness Tourism Conference & Festival, Deputy Health Minister Dante Saxono Halbuwono said, “Several community health centres, traditional health centers and health service facilities will also It is supported by a trained workforce that is ready to make health tourism a reality.” (IWTCF) was watched here on Friday.

These certifications were issued by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the Accreditation Council of Health Care Standards, and the Hospital Accreditation Commission (KARS).

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health contributes to improving health and wellness tourism in Indonesia by implementing health reforms to improve the quality of services for tourists.

“The transformation is focused on developing a health system that can best serve the community, thus being able to compete with health services in other countries,” said the deputy minister.

In addition, we continue to develop various innovations, such as providing healing tour packages that combine nature, man-made, shopping, and gourmet tourism.

“Several Indonesian hospitals now offer traditional Chinese medicine outlets and traditional massage services, allowing tourists to experience wellness tourism in Indonesia,” Harbuwono said. I’m here.

The ministry has also developed digital health information system services, online health services, robotics in medical care, and telemedicine to reduce service times.

We also strive to provide quality and affordable services through medical technology assessments to optimize healthcare assets.

“Medical tourism not only increases the country’s foreign exchange, but also improves the quality of the medical sector, increases the number of professional medical workers, and contributes to the development of tourism destinations,” he said.

Therefore, his side also ensures equitable distribution of health workers and increases their capacity by providing sustainable training. Assist hospitals and priority care facilities in preparing for institutional health tourism. As well as facilitate the designation of hospitals as medical tourism service providers.

The strategy will be implemented using principles of good hospital governance and good clinical governance supported by appropriate information and communication systems.

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