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Rider Ak-Fuzaie Shines-Kuwait Times

By Abdellatif Sharah

Kuwait: Hunting and Riding Club Rider Abdel Rahman Akfzayer won first place in a fence jump tournament hosted by the GUST Student Association at the Kuwait Riding Center. Al-Fuzaie took first place with 37.17 seconds and 4 penalty points at a height of 135 cm, following a differentiating round from Bral Al-Musallam who completed the run with 42.05 seconds and 8 penalty points. The association’s president, Jasim al-Mutawaa, said the tournament was held due to the large number of college students who are members of the equestrian club that won the highest award in the local tournament. He said the tournament was held without a sponsor.

https://news.kuwaittimes.net/website/rider-ak-fuzaie-shines/ Rider Ak-Fuzaie Shines-Kuwait Times

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