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Rise of the Witches: The Biggest Series Ever Made in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh — MBC STUDIOS has announced the production of ‘Rise of the Witches’, the largest television series ever produced in Saudi Arabia.

The highest-budget fantasy adventure is the largest series ever produced with a cast from Saudi Arabia and holds the largest budget ever for Saudi-produced special effects (SFX).

With the support of NEOM, the upcoming series is being shot on three dedicated studio sets, including the largest dedicated backlot in Saudi Arabia to date.

Based on the best-selling Saudi mythological book by Osama Al-Muslim, this series tells the story of an epic war between two rival sorcerers led by Afsar and Dajaa in ancient Arabia.

Raised in a world dominated by male wizards who wish to prevent women from accessing magical powers, both witches continue to secretly study the arts and form their own groups in order to protect themselves and gain power. But will they continue to be threatened by each tribe, or can they really join forces?

‘Rise of the Witches’ features a predominantly Saudi cast led by Ida AlKusay (Afsaar) and Sumaya Rida (Da’ja’a).

The series will be directed by Declan O’Dwyer and Craig Pickles, produced by Dominic Barlow, and executive produced by MBC GROUP’s Zeinab Abu Arsam.

Abu Arsam, who is also General Manager of MBC STUDIOS KSA, commented: Base of MBC ACADEMY and MBC TALENT. This series will definitely make a name for itself with its cast – don’t miss this fantastic fantasy adventure!”

The 10-part series, currently in production, is a Shahid original and will be distributed via Shahid later this year. —SG

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