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Riyadh season event canceled due to heavy rain and wind

Riyadh: A German engineer left the tiredness of work at home and cycled through the Middle East, looking at Alura, Najran and other Saudi Arabian ruins along the way.

Luca Holzhauser, an engineer and photographer from Ulm, Germany, decided to leave his daily life as an employee of Bosch to cope with the cool winter weather in the Middle East.

He has been cycling the Middle East for over 6 months and recently arrived in the kingdom. “One of my favorite things about Saudi Arabia is the excitement of those who see me cycling,” Holtzhauser told Arab News.

He said he chose to come to the Middle East due to the warmer winter weather compared to other northern hemisphere regions.

“I’ve heard something really interesting about the Middle East. Of course, it’s not always the best portrayal in the Western media, but I just wanted to see it for myself. And yeah — I really, I really like it, “he added.

Holtzhauser said he finds the spirit, culture and landscape of the Middle East inspiring. “So I chose this place to see this place for myself and see how it’s actually moving there and obviously biking.

“It’s great because you’re out all day. You’re playing sports and you’re so close to people that you meet a lot of people. That’s what I do on this journey, that is, meet people. It really drives me like that. “

One of the highlights of Holtzhauser’s trip so far has been his time in Jordan. Coincidentally, he met a group of people shooting promotional videos to promote the Jordan National Trail. “Because I’m a photographer, it took me a week to join the team and see all the highlights and photos of the model,” he said.

He added that his trip led him to casually work as a yoga instructor, teacher and diving model. “So these random invitations that happened along the way are just the best part of it,” he said.

Holtzhauser is “living to travel by bicycle” because he can get to know the people of the country he is visiting. “I meet lots of new people every day and lots of beautiful and random things happen, so every day is a little different and it’s very memorable,” he added.

“It also gives us a great opportunity for the future. As a photographer, I have different scenes every day and enjoy meeting different people and taking pictures. And of course, in nature. It’s nice to go out and play sports and walk around. Oh yeah, that’s why I chose to travel by bike, “Holtzhauser said.

He added that during the tour in Saudi Arabia, the car was always pulling after seeing him “cycling in the middle of where”. Talking to the driver led to a fun and friendly conversation, with regular help and advice.

While in the kingdom, Holtzhauser has traveled to Riyadh, Alura, Habara, Najran and Abha.

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