Roads bombarded as a Russian army battle for a devastated Ukrainian city

Driving out of the devastated eastern Ukrainian city of Lysychans’k on Thursday, AFP journalists had to jump out of the car and lie on the ground as Russian troops fired on the city’s main supply roads.

Immediately after noon (0900 GMT), the AFP team saw dark smoke rising on the road ahead.

They heard the bombardment and saw a flash of light. Meanwhile, the road was littered with trees that had fallen due to the bombardment.

They saw two glad rocket salvos exploding on both sides of the main supply road as Moscow’s troops intensified their onslaught.

Twice, the driver quickly braked, the team jumped out and lay down on the grass on the side of the road, with a swoosh and an explosion.

The three artillery incidents occurred on a road approximately 5 km (3 miles) long.

A journalist rubbed his arm and the windshield of the car was slightly damaged.

This happened on the road between the towns of Siversk and Bakumut, the main route currently used to reach the city of Lysychansik, as the highway had been bombarded for so long.

At that time, the road was crowded with transport tanks, armored personnel carriers, jeep, and ambulances.

At the beginning of Thursday, steam trajectories from the potential of missiles and jets were also in the sky.

A huge cloud of smoke rose into the sky from near an obsolete oil refinery near Lysychans’k.

“I was here”

Following a previous direct blow on Monday, major police stations locked their doors on Thursday after suffering fresh artillery as the city faces an increasingly desperate battle for its dominance. Yes, the AFP journalist saw.

The stairs at the entrance to the building were dotted with siding from the destroyed porch and sand from the torn sandbags. There was also new damage to the side walls of the building.

The police station was a hub for finding help for the locals left in the city to evacuate and register the dead. Tuesday was still working.

“People are saying [police] Everything is gone. “

Outside, I used to fill a plastic bottle with household water from a fire engine in the yard.

“We are here … we are working,” Andrey emphasized.

He said only 17 people had been evacuated Thursday morning.

At the entrance to the city, soldiers were digging fresh trenches in preparation for Russia’s attempt to attack the city.

World War II tanks with red stars were removed from the War Memorial of Korea and placed on Chuo-dori.

A soldier named Olexandre, who was shopping for groceries nearby, said the reason was unclear.

“It’s incredible. I don’t know why they did it. It’s a World War II tank, the T34-85 tank. I fought for my homeland and for the Soviet Union. . These are already different countries. “

“Do not abandon the city”

Alexandre denied that the police had left the city, saying that the police saw them that day.

Asked if the army was preparing for a street fight, he refused to answer.

“We are protecting our country,” he said with a laugh.

“I can’t say anything concrete.”

Liliya Nesterenko, 39, was biking down the street near a closed police station.

“they [police] Must be elsewhere, they won’t abandon the city, “she said.

Wearing summer tops and shorts, she said she was willing to defend the city and had no intention of evacuating.

“I believe in our Ukrainian army, they should deal with it,” she said.

“They have already prepared.”

Like other locals, her house had no gas, water, or electricity, and she and her mother were cooking on a campfire. She came out to feed her friend’s pet.

Firefighter Andrey said the bombardment was fierce that morning.

“There are many injured,” he said.

“People were out shopping, and they started firing.”

Locals were seen at the market and could even walk, cycle and walk with the children on the streets.

An elderly woman was walking in a smart jacket, hat and amber necklace.

“It’s necessary,” she said about maintaining her appearance.

“Hello France. You will never see anything like this.”

A few minutes later, the team fired. Roads bombarded as a Russian army battle for a devastated Ukrainian city

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