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Robots assist in cleaning the McCa Grand Mosque 24 hours a day

MAKKAH: The governors of two Saudi Arabian St. Mosques have left no stones in their efforts to clean and disinfect the Grand Mosque, even though the Kingdom has witnessed a steady decline in cases of COVID-19. ..

Mohammed Al Jaburi, under the Under-Secretary-General of the Service, Field Affairs and Environmental Protection Agency, said he will take various precautions to ensure a healthy and safe environment for pilgrims to perform ceremonies. rice field.

The Grand Mosque gate constantly monitors disinfection and hygiene operations, as well as transportation and other services.

The mosque is laid with 25,000 carpets and approximately 4,000 male and female workers and 11 smart robots are used 24 hours a day to disinfect and disinfect the site.

Regarding the washer, Aljabri said: “This agency uses more than 840 devices and machines to cleanse and disinfect the Grand Mosque, and how many to disinfect all areas of the Grand Mosque, including courtyards, toilets, floors and carpets. By equipping that team, we are following up on the operation of environmental prevention and infection control. “

“There are 8,000 electric carts and regular golf carts to serve pilgrims, including 5,000 regular carts and nearly 3,000 electric carts that are disinfected before and after use. It will be. “

To ensure the smooth and systematic movement of pilgrims, the agency assigns supervisors to each of the 150 doors of the Grand Mosque to accommodate worshipers, in the Haram prayer area and various doorways. Guides you.

Eleven smart robots are used 24 hours a day for on-site disinfection and disinfection.

Security guards are also placed around the mosque to prevent pilgrims from being disturbed by others indulging in prohibited activities such as smoking, selling goods, and begging.

Al-Jabri said: An escalator that transports worshipers and the elderly to all available floors.

“Employees of the agency, with the participation of the competent authority, supervise the entry and exit of worshipers, ensure safety and guide them to designated spaces for prayer, according to a prepared plan. Organize passages and corridors. People’s movements to easily expand north. “

Aljabli said the agency distributes more than 2 million Zamzam water daily and more than 25,000 Zamzam containers are functioning throughout the Grand Mosque, including 2,500 water stands in the northern expansion.

The agency also provides a sufficient amount of Zamzam water containers in the funeral prayer area, oversees the distribution of Zamzam water bottles in the courtyard for pilgrims, and ensures that carts and containers are always disinfected. increase.

More than 50 random samples are taken daily from various locations within the Grand Mosque to ensure the safe consumption of Zamzam water.

The agency has issued 2,000 permits to provide food to worshipers in the Grand Mosque and 70 permits to the courtyard of the mosque, Aljabri said.

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