ROCK THE CITY 2022 – KISS, POWERWOLF – Romanian Journal Programs and Access Rules

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The ROCK THE CITY Festival attracted the public’s attention on July 16, 2022, along with the Americans from KISS, a band on a farewell tour. The opening will feature Germans from Powerwolf, Deep Waters and Saints & Sinners.

The festival will be held in Parking Lot A of the Romexpo Complex. The event will be announced by East European Production, D & D East Entertainment and Marcel Avram.

Audiences should come in time so that access channels don’t get crowded or miss the beginning of the concert!

Open door: 14.30 hours;

SAINTS’N’SINNERS – 16.00 hours;

Deep water – 17.10 hours;

Powerwolf-18.45 hours;

KISS – 21.00 hours.

Once you enter the location, all participants will be checked by the security agent. Bringing food and drink out of the place is prohibited. There are plenty of counters around where you can buy soft drinks and snacks. Access to the concert space is granted once per person based on a valid ticket. Access criteria tickets must be retained throughout the concert and spectators are required to have a valid ID.

Due to the very loud noise that occurs during this type of event, the organizers do not recommend having children under the age of 7 at the concert. Organizers warn participants that the show contains the effects of strong light that can harm children, pregnant women and people with epilepsy. For the same reason, the presence of children under the age of 3 is strictly prohibited. Children between the ages of 3 and 16 can only participate with their parents, and children over the age of 16 can participate without a companion, based on a valid ticket at the regular price. If the parent chooses to come with his child, his access can only be made on the basis of a valid ticket, without free or discounted purchases.

It is strictly forbidden to sell or buy invitations or sell or buy additional tickets. We strongly recommend that you purchase your tickets only from the permitted points. ROCK THE CITY 2022 – KISS, POWERWOLF – Romanian Journal Programs and Access Rules

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