Roll says he felt betrayed by the Minis administration about the treatment of senior officers.

On the final day of his inauguration, Commissioner Paul Roll said he felt “deceived” and “betrayed” by the previous administration regarding the treatment of senior police officers Clayton Fernander, Leemond Delevo and Ken Strachan. ..

In 2019, Fernanda, Delevo and Strachan were asked to take weeks of vacation.

Roll said he was pressured to ask the man to take a vacation. After refusing many times, he said things became “hot” and it became clear that it was either them or him.

“Then I received my written instructions that I performed,” said the extroverted commissioner in response to a question from. Nassau Guardian During an episode of “Policeman Talk” with host Sergeant Makele Pinder

“After doing that, I didn’t like the way it was done. I felt like I was fooled or betrayed.”

Mr Roll said he assumed he would later be called to the Prime Minister’s Office and receive a march order. But he said it wasn’t. Instead, he said he had received a proclamation to blame Congress.

Mr Roll said he advised new Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis on what had happened following his defeat in the Free National Movement (FNM) vote in the September 2021 general election.

“I had already brought them back,” Roll said, referring to Fernanda, Strachan, and Delevo.

“I didn’t wait for someone to tell me,’Please bring them.’ I apologized to them for the way they were treated. I also restored their dignity. I told them they would do what they needed to do to help them do. “

He said Strachan was honored by the Queen, Fernander was promoted to Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary, and he was encouraged to assume the role of Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary, and Deleuw was promoted to Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary.

Roll said he spoke to the other Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary and asked them to allow him to do this for older police officers.

“I didn’t like how they were treated,” Roll continued. “It’s the water under the bridge.”

He later added: If you need this uniform, you can use it. “

Roll said he faced an impact following the move to put men on retirement leave.

“No one came to protect me,” he said. “I’ve been told a lot about me, but I haven’t heard anyone stand up and defend me yet. It was rough. I had to lick.

“I didn’t say anything. About this commissioner, this is a lonely road. I’m not angry with anyone.” Roll says he felt betrayed by the Minis administration about the treatment of senior officers.

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