Romanian President attends the Three Seas Initiative Summit in Riga – Romanian Journal

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President Klaus Iohannis announced today that he will attend the Three Seas Initiative (3SI) Summit and the Fourth Edition of the Three Seas Initiative Business Forum in Riga.

Given the new geopolitical background caused by the war with Ukraine in the Russian Federation, the president attending the summit will see how the initiative should be positioned in the current European security situation, and 3SIf is a strategy. It is hoped that we will find a way to implement a targeted interconnection project in three basic areas of the initiative: transportation, energy and digital infrastructure.

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis reiterated bilateral and multilateral assistance to Romania at the summit, saying:In all ways the initiative can support Ukraine, especially through interconnection projects in which the country can participate as a partner of the initiative. The President of Romania also emphasizes the importance of receiving similar support from the initiative in light of his mission to make the Republic of Moldova and Georgia as members of the European Union as Ukraine.Is reading a press release from the presidential administration.

The message of Johannis is that Romania is fully compliant with the European Union’s strategic agenda and endorses the initiative’s efforts to strengthen its transatlantic partnership.

“Klaus Iohannis also emphasizes the importance of the Rail2Sea-Via Carpathia cross-border connectivity project for Romania. The implementation of this project will enable military migration in the region, which is essential to the current European security environment. And improve the resilience of the infrastructure. “ The presidential administration also says.

Romania hosted the 3rd Initiative Summit in 2018. The summit adopted decisions that are essential to the future of this collaborative platform. The organization of the First Business Forum of the Three Seas Initiative (3SI and other EU member countries, more than 600 employees and business representatives from the United States, Western Balkan and Eastern Partnerships, as well as EU and European and international financial institutions); Launching the 3SI Chamber of Commerce Network (signed by the Joint Declaration on the Creation of this Network by the Seven Chambers of Commerce); Launching Procedures for Launching the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund (6 from 12 Participating Countries) By signing a written intent on the 3SI Investment Fund by a specialized agency). Romanian President attends the Three Seas Initiative Summit in Riga – Romanian Journal

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