Europe, a Romanian web platform for designing and predicting the gaming economy, will raise $ 3.3 million in a Series A round – Romanian Journal

Get real-time updates directly on your device and subscribe now., in Romanian, is the world’s only browser-based platform for designing and predicting the game economy and systems for premium, free2play and play2earn games, raising $ 3.3 million in Series A funding. This amount will be invested to launch new features and services to grow the team and support the rapid growth of user numbers.

The round was led by Hiro Capital, a European venture capital firm focused on the gaming industry, with subsequent investments led by Acequia Capital, Vennrex Investment Management and GapMinder.

“We are humbled to be confident in our vision, supported by such a reputable VC. Roles inside and outside the gaming industry. We are moving towards the goal of growing our team, developing integrations with the most popular in-game telemetry providers and the Web3 marketplace, and becoming the standard for modeling, predicting and optimizing the gaming economy. “Co-founder and CEO of, Mihai Gheza.

“The team has created a set of tools that will be the foundation of the future. Game design, both centralized games and Web3. The availability of a simple, efficient and specially created web platform for development studios to enable an in-game economy with streamlined browser-based solutions is revolutionary. ” Hiro Capital’s partner Spike Raleigh said. is a startup launched in 2018 by Mihai Gheza, Dana Gheza, Radu Crăciun, Alin Moldovan, and Joris Dormans, a professor at the Leiden University Center for the Arts in Society (Netherlands). Machining began as a PhD. A 2012 study at the University of Amsterdam by Joris Dormans (co-founder).

Startups have so far raised about $ 5 million in investment. Prior to this Series A round, raised $ 1.6 million from Seedcamp, GapMinder, Acequia Capital, and several top angel investors.

“We first invested in in a round we led in 2020. Due to the uniqueness of the products they created, we continue to support our founders. This product Will completely change the way games are created and designed, and implicitly change the way the biggest entertainment industry evolves. “Says GapMinder partner Cosmin Ochișor.

The platform is currently used by over 35,000 game design professionals and 400 academic institutions around the world. Founded in 2018, is the first and only browser-based platform used by more than 35.000 professionals to design and predict the gaming economy and systems of premium, free-play, play-to-earning games. .. began in 2012 as a PhD study by Joris Dormans (co-founder) at the University of Amsterdam., a Romanian web platform for designing and predicting the gaming economy, will raise $ 3.3 million in a Series A round – Romanian Journal

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