Romgaz signs the Black Sea Gas contract. First Neptune Deep Gas Extracted by 2026 – Romanian Journal

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Romgaz’s official asset acquisition document from Exxon, 50% of the Neptune Deep boundary, has been signed to develop everything that means Romania’s national ability to achieve its goal of energy independence. Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucę can be a resource and gas is one of them on Tuesday.

“Finally, at this time, the signing of the official asset acquisition document by Romgaz from Exxon is done to mean 50% of the Neptune Deep boundary. It is that the Romanian state has achieved its purpose and is independent from that point. It is an activity prepared to continue the steps at the government level so that it can develop everything that means the ability to do it. From an energy resource perspective, and gas“M”, said Prime Minister Chuka.

According to the Prime Minister, the first gas from around Neptune Deep will be extracted “by 2026”.

“”By 2026, we will be able to begin the process of extracting gas from the Neptune Deep Sea of ​​the Black Sea. Romgaz and OMB Petrom will work together to achieve and deliver the goals you envision. Guarantee that the gas needed for our own consumption, and the estimates are sufficient to secure us gas, is for our neighbors in both the region and the European Union. Take into account. Basically, what we’re about to do will be part of what we envisioned in the offshore bill submitted by Congress last month, and we’ll be confident that we’ll be able to use our capabilities to ensure stability and predictability.Romanian energy sector as a wholeThe Prime Minister of Romania also said.

Prime Minister Nicolae CiucČ, Minister of Energy Virsil Popesque, and Chargé d’Affaires David Muniz – The U.S. Embassy in Romania attended the signing ceremony for a sales agreement for Romgaz to take over Exxon’s shares around deep Neptune. .. .. Romgaz signs the Black Sea Gas contract. First Neptune Deep Gas Extracted by 2026 – Romanian Journal

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