Rory Gaffney claims to be a business as usual for Shamrock Rovers

Rory Gaffney claims it’s a business as usual for champion Shamrock Rovers after Stephen Bradley rejects Lincoln City.

And that hoop The striker claims that if Bradley had accepted the offer from the League 1 club anyway.

After a week of discussions with Imp officials who traveled to Dublin, Bradley said he remained the champion on Thursday night.

And 24 hours later, he celebrated his 3-1 victory over Finn Harps in Tarat.

Rover returns to action tonight when they host Sligo Rovers In a game that has been played since July when both clubs are active in Europe.

And it’s the second of Shamrock Rovers’ three home matches in a week, with an appetizing top two clash with Derry City on Friday.

Gaffney learned of the meeting between Bradley and Lincoln earlier last week, saying:

“But as a player, that’s not a problem. Obviously what he says is great, but we still have work to do.

“We are still trying to win the league. We are looking to play in Europe. Kappelen doesn’t matter who the manager is.”

Sligo Rovers’Nando Pijnaker and Shamrock Rovers’ Rory Gaffney

Galway man Gaffney continued. “He said he would tell us if he had anything to say to us on Thursday.

“Then Friday morning we were informed that he was staying. He told us before it broke, so we knew he was staying. We all knew when we received the WhatsApp message.

“He said he hasn’t left, he’s staying, and the focus is on Friday night. He’s so good.

“I wasn’t focusing on Delhi next Friday or Sligo tonight. I focused only on Finn Harps.”

However, Gaffney argues that dressing room professionalism means that if Bradley had the ship jump to League One, the player would have dealt with fallout.

“It’s one of the jobs you have to do,” he explained. “What about your job when someone leaves? Care?

“When someone leaves, you want them to be the best. He’s doing great things here. If he decides to move on, you’ll focus on Monday at his best. I hope that.

“Last week I was only worried that I was well trained, rested and recovered, and ready to play against the harp on Friday.”

Stephen Bradley of Shamrock Rovers

But Bradley’s decision seemed to enliven Rover in the match-and the champion is playing with a swagger that wasn’t seen earlier this year.

They played against Slygo 10 days ago and drew one-on-one on the showground, but Gaffney feels his performance has improved.

“It’s been getting better in the last few weeks,” he said of an undefeated run in 10 games, including seven wins. “It started late, but it was a wonderful month.

“We’re doing great and if we’re undefeated by the break (mid-season), we’re in a great position.

“We only played Sligo 10 days ago and they proved to be tricky for us, but we’ll get the rest in July during the European match so it’s time to play again. That’s a good thing.

“July is fresh and I want to play Sligo tonight.”

On Friday, Rover’s boss Bradley declared at Shamrock Rovers that he “wants to finish what he started.”

And when asked what it would entail, prior to tonight’s clash, Bradley said:

“We want to fight in all aspects of the league, the Cup and Europe. Let’s go as far as we can in every tournament.”

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