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Funeral of later years Rosemary Thompson, West Dennis Court 1997, Yellow Elder # 2, It will be held at 10:30 am Saturday, July 30th2022 and Sion Baptist Church, East & Shirley Street.. The moderator is Rev. Terrance G. Morrison with the support of Rev. Ulrick Smith II. The burial will take place at John F. Kennedy Drive’s Lakeview Memorial Garden & Mausoleum.

Current government regulations on Covid-19 require a physical distance from the mask.

She is left to cherish her memories child: Justice (Retired) Keith Thompson (Gwend), Ambrose Thompson, Janice Thompson, Andrew Thompson (Magdalen), Cheryl Thompson, John Thompson (Ibet), Barry Thompson (Judina), Urban Cargill (Judy) ), Karl Gibson (Constants); Grandson: Tammy Jones, Keith Thompson II (Deleya), Kyle Thompson, Kistasia Thompson, Cherad and Cherel Carol, Lateaco Thompson, Ambrose Thompson Jr., Simonne Thompson, Aruda Moss, Jacksonville, Florida, Magandrion Thompson (Shakel), Syria Ashley Moss, Britney Henfield, Deleya Small, Trevan Thompson, Anthony Thompson, Achats Cargill (Louis), Ricky Jade Cargill, Van Keisha Swain (Geleco) ), Varani Nottage (Darnell); Great-grandchild: Christoph Jones, Keja Jones, Keith Jones II, Allero and Cary Thompson, Captain Thompson, Stephen Thompson III, Jania Higgs, Brandy Carrie, Skyler Raming, Jaden and Jason Lynch, Athena Cargill, Leonardo, Varanae, Varany Nottage Jr. Brothers and sisters: Patricia Gibson, Shirley Jones, West Palm Beach, Florida, Charles Daniel II, Peggy Hall (Bentley); Niece and nephew: Lorenzo Gibson (Angela), Lynn Gibson (Claris), Virginia Fulford (Glen), Josephine Davis, Emily Glass (Joseph), West Palm Beach, Florida, Grace Dean, Dallas, Texas, Norma Miller, Maria Galanis, Margo Munnings, Stanley , Andre, Patricia Bethel (Trevor), Daniel Charles III, Veronica Capron, Ricardo Capron (Ethel), Fiona Thiele of Canada, Jason Payne of Canada, Judy Hoper, Cassandra Adderley (Brian) Tala Mackey (Quentin) Anthony Capron, George Capron , Rosenell Kesson, Gregory Thompson (Linda), Leonard Thompson, David Bullard (Ingrid), Vaughn Bullard, Sidney Bain, Francis Adderley (Kimberley), Stacey Adderley-Bernard, Crystal Strachan, Deidree Strachan, Karen Bain Lenore Thom, Deborah Symonette, Maxine Thompson, Marcie Thompson, Sharon Mulgrav, Clentie Bullard, Jalna Bullard, Tamara Bullard, Michelle Ramatan, Petra Jones, Lynn Ramsey; Brother-in-law: Annie Thompson sisters, Barbara Bullard, Joyce Bain, Shirley Cooper, Camille Bullard, Mary Welch, Franklin Thompson. Friends and other family members: Tiffany Glass, Tara Lowe, La-Toya Bryant, Camella and Cameo Davis, Joi Goldwire, Bursel Gibson II Troy, Sean and Marco Kesson, Jardinell, Jamie, Agnes Cartwright, Shirley Lightbourne, The Nixon family, Ann Adderley, Allen Lightbourne, Shirley Babbs, Debbie Styles, Mae Rahming, Denise Maurice, Ruby Williams, Margo Feaste, Ruth Charlton, Berrynetta Oliver, Velma Moss and family, James Oliver, Virginia Capron, Shirley Nottage, The Rahming Family, Dorothy Rolle and family, Greg and Norman Smith And Family, Ethyl Brown and Family, Andrea Francis and Family, Claudette Bastian, The Cooper Family, Barbara Farquharson and Family, Deborah Stubbs and Family, Catherine Braynen and Family, Kencine Mingo and Family, Keisha Thompson and Family, Andrea Whymms and Family Andrew Adderley Family, late Effie Walk family, Cargill family, Car family, Wells family, Sherman family, Whitfield Neely and family, Yvonne Pratt and family, Linnottage and family, Wayne Gibbs and family ly, Renroy Jones and his family, John John Lightborn and his family, Gibson’s family, Johnson and Thompson’s family in Gregory Town, Eleutera, Denique Hasty, Ferguson’s family, Terry Roll and his family, Kirk Fernander and his family, Hillary Smith and his family. Family, Zion Baptist Church Family, Nassau Beach Family, Rhodes Memorial Family, Rev. Alan Stratchan and his Family, Bishop Trent Davis and his Family, Apostle Falmon Ferguson and His Family, BDOCS Staff, Environmental Health Service Dioctyl sebacate (DEHS) staff, Bahamas staff Customs, Lightborn Trading staff.

May her soul sleep peacefully!

Friends can pay the final respect on Friday, July 29th at Bethel Brothers Mortician & Crematorium, # 44A Nassau Streetth2022 from 10 am to 6 pm And at the church on Saturday, July 30thth2022 from 9:30 am to service hours. Rosemary Thompson -Nassau Guardian

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