Rotary Pilgrim on the Brink

Rotary Pilgrim on the Brink
Living in Portugal

Rotary Silves prepares for the 120 km march from the Portuguese border to Santiago de Compostela.

All 10 participants have gone on regular training walks to tone muscles that have been neglected during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Look no further than my father’s military-type pilgrim, 82-year-old David Butler Cole. Compared to some of his younger siblings, he hasn’t experienced any major physical hazards – he complains of squeaky knee syndrome. Thing.

To boost his confidence, he recently purchased a Nordic walking pole on the Internet that claimed to be from Germany. When David opened the package, he found a “Made in PRC” label… Look at this space!

David, along with the entire Rotary Silves team, raised funds from the public to build a much-needed sensory room to support autistic children and their teachers at the Silves Sur School. I devoted myself to this pilgrimage to gain support. in Armacao de Pera. Each Rotarian goes for a walk with a personal mascot given to them by their school class. Children can follow the mascot’s progress through daily contact with the team.

The walk begins this Friday (September 23rd) and pilgrims hope to reach Santiago de Compostela by September 30th.

can you help us You can sponsor David personally or all 10 of his Rotary Pilgrims to support this cause. All money raised goes directly to this project. Donate now from the Rotary page Helping Pilgrims Change Children’s Lives.

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