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They have joined more than 27,000 personnel, warships, armor, and the Air Force from more than 20 NATO allies and partners for Cold Response 2022, the largest military exercise in Norway since the Cold War.

Britain’s largest warship, HMS Prince of WalesDemonstrated the ability to lead a Navy fleet and act as a NATO command ship. This is the role she will play for the rest of 2022.

This was the first time for one of the Royal Navy Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier So far, there are more than 1,000 seafarers who have been operating in the Arctic for the first time.

Royal Navy sailors have pushed the boundaries of what a 65,000-ton flagship can do as its crew develops new ways of working to cope with temperatures as low as -30 ° C.

The ship’s role in the exercise saw her work alongside a wide range of British and Allied air forces, from the F-35B Lightning stealth fighter to the unique American Osprey MV22 tiltrotor aircraft and Sea Stallion helicopter. ..

With months of preparatory training in both the UK and the Arctic, and two weeks of exercises, the Royal Navy’s unique capabilities, from the start of a commando raid from a submarine to the operation of a fifth-generation aircraft carrier on a submarine. I was able to demonstrate some of them. Zero condition for the first time.

The Royal Marines have practiced and sharpened new assault tactics for stealth missions on the dangerous Norwegian coastline. Also, with the support of the host army, he conducted more regular maneuvers and training that had been honed for more than half a century as an expert in the British Arctic War.

Meanwhile, HMS Grimsby divers plunged into icy fjords to neutralize mines, paving the way for the Task Force to navigate safely.

The Royal Navy’s Maritime Wildcat Helicopter (usually found at sea rather than land) joined the normal elements of the Commando Helicopter Army and expanded its capabilities over Norway.

Wildcat uses the Seaspray Radar, which is normally used to hunt suspicious ships by land, select fellow targets, and fly with the Royal Marines’ normal battlefield eye, the 847 Naval Air Corps. Did. With the support of the US Marine Corps Cobra Gunship, they provided intelligence and firepower to their ground peers.

The 845 Naval Air Corps Marlin Mk4 helicopter carried the Royal Marines, equipment, and supplies, often in relentless situations, often alongside American, German, and Norwegian comrades.

Lieutenant Tom Nason, commander of the 845 NAS Detachment, said: Royal Marines, And the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Fleet cooperate. “

At the height of the exercise, Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace visited the HMS Prince of Wales with ground personnel and thanked them for their efforts. He also reaffirmed Britain’s long-term commitment to security in the region and the regular deployment of Royal Navy and Royal Marines assets to High North. Royal Navy Completes Largest Arctic Exercise Since Cold War – Norwegian News – Latest News, Latest News, Comments – Norwegian News

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