Royal pythons have disappeared in Budapest!

A royal python called Pitonka has escaped from an apartment in the 7th district of Budapest. Since then, his owner has been looking for him.

The owners involved are looking for their beloved pets and putting up posters in the 7th district.

“Our lovely, well-trained royal python fled us on May 27.”

The poster says.

As ReportThe owners claim that animals 1 meter long are very gentle, do not pose a danger to humans or animals, have no fangs, and tend to be terrified rather than attacked. Therefore, if you see reptiles, please call the phone number on the poster.

Said the snake owner Unfortunately, no animals have been found on Tuesday. Shy animals are probably hiding in dark and isolated places, but after a while they need to crawl out into the sun and warm up. They want someone to find the animal and call them.

according to indexThe owner also said that he was completely harmless and did not need to report to the police. However, some of the residents of the apartment were so frightened by the news that they were thinking about moving.

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sauce:, index Royal pythons have disappeared in Budapest!

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