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Royal Saudi Navy Commander Al Guferi Launches HMS Aljubile in Spain

Madrid — The Royal Saudi Navy (RSNF) and its commander, Lieutenant General Fahadbin Abdullah Argferi, celebrated the launch of the first type of “AVANTE 2200” corvette warship within the Sarawat Corvette project. ..

The warship was officially named His Majesty’s ship Arjubyle as part of the launch of the ceremony in the city of San Fernando, Spain.

Commander RSNF raised the flag of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at HMS Aljubile, indicating that he was commissioned to the Royal Saudi Navy.

The launch of the ceremony was attended by Saudi Ambassador to Spain Azam bin Abdul Karim Alzin. Many RSNF senior officers. Military attaché of the Saudi Arabian army to Madrid. CEO of Saudi Arabia Military Industry Company (SAMI) for Military Industrial Engineering. Waleed bin Abdulmajeed Abu Khalid; Chief of Staff of the Spanish Navy Admiral Antonio Martrel. Numerous high-ranking officials of the Spanish government, representatives of Samina Vantia and Spanish Navantia companies.

To commemorate this opportunity, RSNF Commander Al-Ghufaili made a speech expressing happiness in this amazing achievement of launching the first warship of the Sala Watt project. He said this achievement was a milestone in the history of the Royal Saudi Navy, helping to enhance the maritime security of the region and improve the RSNF’s readiness to protect the important and strategic interests of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Stated.

He also thanked the Saudi Army in general, especially the Navy, for the unlimited support that the Supreme Commander of all troops, King Salman’s custodian, and Deputy Prime Minister, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, enjoyed. expressed. According to Defense Minister and Prince Khalid bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Deputy Minister of Defense.

On his side, SAMI CEO, Eng. Waleed bin Abdulmajeed Abu Khalid gave a speech, Saudi defense industry sector and SAMI achieved this achievement and success through collaboration with leading international companies in the field of partner brand supply to serve Saudi militants. Explained that he has the right to be proud. Power.

“We are confident that HMS Arjubyle will be a valuable addition and would like to thank and thank the wise leaders for supporting the defense capabilities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and for the continued support and direction of the Royal Saudi Navy. For the trust of.

He also said that SAMI Navantia will build a sustainable defense sector in the Kingdom, including the development of the Hazem system, the first Saudi naval system of this type, in addition to supporting the localization of defense technology with technology. He pointed out that he will continue to support our efforts. Through on-the-job training, we transfer and train talented national executives.

SAMICO Eng. Waleed Abu Khalid also added that HMS Al-Jubail has a state-of-the-art combat system that addresses all aerial, ground and underground threats, and an electronic warfare with more capabilities than many navies in the world as a Sarawat warship. Said that it is a feature. The project will be equipped with the first 100% Saudi combat management system under the name Hazem System, developed by Sami Navantia. —SPA

https://saudigazette.com.sa/article/618886/SAUDI-ARABIA/Saudi-Navy-Commander-Al-Ghufaili-launches-HMS-Al-Jubail-in-Spain?ref=rss&format=simple&link=link Royal Saudi Navy Commander Al Guferi Launches HMS Aljubile in Spain

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