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When the Duchess of Cambridge left the Prime Minister’s Office yesterday and spent a quiet night for being billed as today’s turbulent day, Prime Minister Philip Davis took advantage of their visit to further focus. The need for a stronger global response to climate change and existential crises that he said he intends to align.

Prince William is “punching beyond its weight” as the main voice of the Bahamas on climate change and the threat it poses, not only to small island developing states like the Bahamas, but to the rest of the world, Davis said. “. It will be moved. “

Prince William and Kate paid a courtesy call on Davis after landing at Lynden Pindling International Airport at 4:30 pm for the third and final leg of a Caribbean tour commemorating Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee. ..

They were welcomed by Governor Cornelias A. Smith, Deputy Prime Minister Chester Cooper and other senior government officials.

They received royal salutes from the Bahamas Police and the Bahamas Defense Forces (RBDF).

The Duke of Cambridge and the Duchess greet members of the government and law enforcement agencies shortly after arriving in the Bahamas yesterday. They will be accompanied by Governor-general Sir CA Smith.
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The Duke visited the Honorary Guards with the Governor, Police Secretary Paul Roll and Dr. Raymond King of RBDF Commodore.

At the beginning of the courtesy visit at the OPM, Davis welcomed the Duchess and Duchess to the Bahamas.

“I would like to congratulate the Queen for achieving this milestone of 70 years on the throne,” he said.

“I don’t think I’ll ever see it again …”

The rest of the courtesy was closed to the media.

In a video statement released after the meeting, the Prime Minister said climate change was among the issues discussed.

“He (Prince William) was also very impressed with the Coral Vita program to restore corals (on Grand Bahama),” Davis said.

“He offered to provide as much assistance as possible to our efforts to restore coral reefs, as this is also an important asset for our carbon sinks. He is also a climate. We congratulate us on many aspects of change, at the forefront of the initiative. “

Davis told Prince William: Hurricanes occur when billions of dollars, four billion dollars, or five billion dollars of property damage occur in the last five to six years.

“We can see the challenges we face. He undertakes them and is very much in any impact he may have to influence the world, especially the countries that are responsible for emissions. I was interested in. A table to lend help. “

Prince William and Kate Middleton greet Prime Minister Phil Davis at the Prime Minister’s Office. The Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess paid a courtesy call on Davis shortly after arriving in the Bahamas yesterday. Trell Grinton

The Prime Minister said he was very impressed with Prince William’s knowledge of climate change and the specific challenges of the Bahamas.

The Duchess and Duchess will be in the country until tomorrow night.

Today, they attend a special rally at Civil Strachan Elementary School on Carmichael Road, attend a cultural event at Lawson Square, and compete with each other for regatta in Montague.

Tomorrow, the Duchess and Duchess will travel to Abaco to visit the monument to the individual who died in Hurricane Dorian in 2019.

They then head to Grand Bahama to see Coral Vita, an organization that restores coral reefs by growing and transplanting elastic corals. Coral Vita won the Duke’s first Earthshot Award last year.

Before arriving in the Bahamas, the Duchess and Duchess visited Belize and Jamaica. Both trips were accompanied by protests.

Two demonstrations are planned for New Providence today.

Priest Lismond McKinney, chief of the Bahamas Branch of the Ethiopian Black International Conference, said the Bahamas’ Rastafarian community demanded compensation and apologies for colonialism and slavery fraud.

“We want the royal family to officially apologize. We want to send a letter to His Majesty about our rights and justice not only in the Bahamas, but throughout the Commonwealth and the Caribbean,” he said. Nassau Guardian on Tuesday.

Local activist Khandi Gibson, president of Families Of All Murder Victims (FOAM), said her group will be demonstrating to raise awareness of high levels of sexual violence in the Bahamas.

In a statement, she said, “FOAM hopes that national and international coverage of royal-attended demonstrations will encourage the government to act on its obligations to protect women and girls in the Bahamas.” Said.

Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell said yesterday that the government had no problems with the demonstrations after the demonstrations were conducted in accordance with the law.

He said demonstrations are a way to raise awareness about various causes.

“All parties did that,” Mitchell said.

“Civil society has done it. So people are free to do it. But in reality, you can do whatever you want and say what you want. I can’t. All I’m saying is that I understand that the nature of what we are is a constitution that has left us a monarchy, so something strange in itself is There is nothing.

“I’m a Republican with a small” r “, but I’m a member of the government. I am not involved in the discussion in any way. The important thing is that if you want to change it, there is a mechanism to change it, which is the current practice. “ Royal Welcome-Nassau Guardian

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