RPHI is investing in a dedicated Sky Tower facility in the office market.Tenants expect high quality, premium office space, says CEO – Romanian Journal

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Real estate developer Raiffeisen Property Holding International (RPHI), owner of Sky Tower, Romania’s tallest office building, has announced the completion of a new strategic investment in the local office market.

After a year of refurbishment and refurbishment work, Sky Tower opened a facility dedicated to the business community in Romania. A multifunctional SkyHub event center with the first amphitheater in an office building. The largest state-of-the-art lobby LED video display and the tallest green pillar in the office lobby space.

“These innovative projects in the Romanian office market repeat what SkyTower represents: premium quality, iconic buildings, fame, and modernism. We set new standards in the office industry and set new standards for the office industry. We continue to aim to raise the bar. Despite macroeconomic and social challenges, SkyTower has recorded good performance. Therefore, our investment plan is unique to our business community. It will continue with a 360-degree workspace experience. “, Karl-Maria Pfeffer, CEO of RPHI, said:

The Skyhub Event Center, which covers an area of ​​approximately 450 square meters, has three event zones. A 55-seat multifunctional amphitheater with state-of-the-art technology beamers, a cocktail and lounge area with a bar and terrace, and a 12-seat meeting room with two heights. -tech 4k screen.

The SkyHub Event Center is designed not only for use by building tenants, but also for use by external clients.

The modernization of the SkyTower lobby was also part of the Group’s strategic investment plan, in line with the needs and expectations of the business community and in line with the fast-growing digital trends. Following major renovations, the Sky Tower lobby is now the largest in the local office market with LED wall displays 6 meters high, 9 meters wide and 1.2 meters deep.

“In the last few years, corporate requirements for workspaces have changed. The office standards we had at the beginning of the last decade have declined, and people are expecting quality conditions in the workplace. We identify the need for work experience. From modern meeting rooms to places where employees can relax in the workplace. Our position is to pursue this type of investment and optimization. And enable you to remain a leader in the local office market“Karl Maria Feffer said.

Green and sustainable projects are RPHI’s strategic and long-term business goals, so Sky Tower tenants and visitors can enjoy the tallest vertical gardens in the Romanian office market. The vertical green wall consists of two pillars, each 6 meters high, all covered with natural green vegetation.

“Sky Tower is an important asset in our portfolio and we promise to invest more in its growth and development. In addition, our group’s strategic market, Romania, attracts foreign investment. , Has great potential to maintain some of the highest quality standards in the region. “, We conclude the CEO of RPHI.

Currently, Sky Tower occupies 94% and has a mix of well-balanced tenants (large and small companies).

Sky Tower is Romania’s tallest building and Bucharest’s most iconic office building. The tower is 37 stories high, 137 meters above ground and 60 meters below ground, with 5 stories of parking and storage space. RPHI is investing in a dedicated Sky Tower facility in the office market.Tenants expect high quality, premium office space, says CEO – Romanian Journal

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