RTV Lovenija referendum signatures collected in September

Ljubljana – A time frame has been set for a campaign to collect signatures to support a referendum on the new RTV Slovenian law. Opposition Democrats (SDS), sponsors of the referendum movement, can begin collecting them on 1 September and must submit the required 40,000 signatures by 5 October.

Parliamentary Vice-Chair Daniel Krivec set a deadline on Wednesday. This is because Chair Urška Krakočar Zupančič is currently absent.

At least 40,000 voters may submit a referendum request within seven days of the expiration of the signature collection deadline.

The referendum question is, “Are you in favor of enacting a law to amend the Radiotelevizija Slovenija Act adopted by Parliament on 21 July 2022?”

The coalition re-passed the bill after the Senate, the National Assembly, exercised its veto power. On the same day, SDS submitted 6,200 signatures and began the process of calling a legislative referendum on the new legislation.

The new law aims to reorganize the management and supervision of public broadcasting. Introducing a single council of 17 members instead of the 29 program council and the 11 guardian council.

No member will be appointed by parliament as the government says it is a bid to eliminate political influence on RTV Slovenia and increase the influence of employees and civil society. ..

Meanwhile, the SDS believes the law will decapitate RTV management and program councilors. SDS MP Alenka Jeraj states that the law will bring an independent and autonomous end to RTV. The SDS also believes that it is controversial that the bill was tracked quickly as it excluded civil society from the debate.

The Ministry of Culture believes that the SDS seeks to maintain the status quo established by the 2005 Act on RTV Slovenia. Under this law, politics directly appoints a majority of supervisors and members of the Program Council. This will cause RTV Slovenija to lose its reputation, credibility, staff and audience.

The date of the referendum is not yet known, but Klakočar Zupančič says it makes sense to hold some possible referendums in the fall on one super referendum day. This is inconsistent with any round of local or presidential elections in the fall. RTV Lovenija referendum signatures collected in September

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