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Running saved me: Mo Farah – Doha News

Multiple Olympic, world and European champion athlete Mo Farah dedicated his winning record to his disciplined spirit in a comment made in Doha on Thursday.

At a roundtable discussion at the 2022 World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH), the UK’s most successful track athletes spoke about the relationship between mental health and the pressures of competitive sports.

Farah reminisced about his glory days and spoke about the stress athletes face in the harsh industry.

“If I had run for sport, I would never have discovered my talent. Running saved me from what I could have been,” said the British long-distance runner.

Farah, who won 10 World Championship medals, including 4 gold at the Olympics, has competed in several elite tournaments and won most of them, but has also experienced some losses.

Still, the 39-year-old has learned some lessons that shape a vibrant mental health.

“Take the pressure and have a better attitude. I don’t owe anyone. The hardest thing is to get things wrong. You lost the race, but you’re going to move,” said Farah. I got

The track runner has spoken about his well-being at various moments in his life, saying he’s lucky he hasn’t experienced any mental health issues.

“I don’t have a diagnosis, but the pressure is intense,” Farrar said in a room with local and international media.

When asked what drives his hunger after winning so many titles, Farah pointed to England and the resources the country provided him with.

“What drives me is pride in my country. I had a difficult life, I didn’t have a father, and you can only control what you own.” added Farrar.

Arriving in London from Mogadishu at 8am, Farah was spotted by his physical education teacher and encouraged to join the track.

Farrar, who recently shocked the world after revealing he was trafficked to Britain, has spoken out about Britain, claiming that “Mo Farrar” wouldn’t have existed if Britain hadn’t invested in him. rice field.

“You are running for England. I want to represent my country, so I can run for England and so on.”

With Qatar approaching the World Cup, Farah congratulated the host country on its progress and wished the national team much success.

“England, we are so excited. Glad to be here in Qatar. I raced her in 2015. Beautiful. Love to see England go as far as they can. .”

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