Russia accuses Israel of supporting Ukraine’s

RussiaForeign Ministry blamed Israel Support neo-Nazis Ukraine And Adolf Hitler exacerbated the controversy that began with Foreign Minister Sergeĭ Viklov’s words that he was a Jewish descendant.

On Sunday, Viklov made a statement about Hitler on Italian television when asked why. Russiadenazify“” Ukraine What if President Vladimir Zelensky himself was Jewish?

yesterday, Israel He blamed Viklov and his words were “can not forgive“It’s a lie that downplayed the fear of the Nazi Holocaust. Since then, some Western leaders have blamed Russia’s Foreign Minister’s comments, and Zelensky has blamed it. Russia Forget the lessons of World War II.

In today’s Russian Ministry statement, Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Rapid commented, “Anti-historical” When “Mainly explain why the current Israeli government supports Kyiv’s neo-Nazi government“.

Moscow has the origin of Zelensky’s Jews Ukraine It is dominated by neo-Nazis. “”On the contrary, anti-Semitism in everyday life and politics has not stopped. Ukraine), ” The statement said.

Israel Initially, it avoided direct criticism of Moscow and did not impose official sanctions on Russia’s oligarchs so as not to worsen relations with Russia.

However, relations between Russia and Israel are tense, and Rapid accuses the Russian Federation of committing war crimes. Ukraine last month.

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