Russia advises citizens to avoid traveling to Britain

Russia advice The citizens are demanding that they “refrain” from traveling to the UK or obtaining a UK visa because of London’s “unfriendly” attitude towards Moscow and the significant delay in applying for a visa.

In a statement on Friday, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused the British Embassy in Moscow of prioritizing applications from Ukrainian refugees over applications from Russian citizens, resulting in a significant delay in visa procedures. ..

In addition, many Russian applicants are unable to pay consular fees because Russian banks have been largely isolated from the global financial system due to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

“In order to avoid financial loss and other possible problems, taking into account the very unfriendly course of Britain to our country, Russian citizens, if possible, travel to Britain or on a UK visa. We recommend that you refrain from acquiring it, “said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The ministry’s recommendations came shortly after the UK announced new things. Sanctions To members of the inner circle of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who accused him of hiding the unjust wealth of the Russian President.

UK Foreign, Commonwealth is now advice Its citizens try to avoid traveling to Russia because of lack of flight options, economic instability, ongoing military conflict with Ukraine, and potential political persecution.

The UK has also advised the people currently in Russia to leave the country if their presence is not absolutely necessary.

Direct flights between Britain and Russia were suspended shortly after Russia announced its invasion of Ukraine on February 24. Russia advises citizens to avoid traveling to Britain

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