Russia begins mass production of new crowd-dispersing drones

Russia’s Kartsev Institute of Computing has announced it will begin production next year of a new drone designed to disperse crowds, state news agency TASS reported Tuesday.

A Shershen, or hornet, is a hexacopter drone that functions much like a typical quadcopter drone, but uses both ultrasonic and infrasound to disperse crowds and is used in home security contexts. is designed to

The move has sparked growing fears among the country’s elite that civil war could erupt as dissatisfaction with Russia’s international isolation and penalties for Western sanctions over the war in Ukraine grows. may indicate.

“We are planning to go into serial production of Shashen after the New Year,” said Vitaly Dolgov, head of the Institute’s Unmanned Vehicles Laboratory. I can show you,” he said. , told TASS.

The Shershen can also be used on the battlefield, equipped with radar jamming technology and cameras for intelligence gathering.

The deployment comes amid the effective use of drones by both sides in the ongoing war in Ukraine, which is increasingly shaped by unarmed aircraft.

Earlier this month, Iran admitted to providing Russia with a “small number” of Shahed-136 drones.

In addition to numerous commercial drones, the Russian military has used homegrown Four Post and Innohodet attack drones in the nine-month conflict. Russia begins mass production of new crowd-dispersing drones

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