“Russia can work with India, China as well as other countries. It is impossible to blockade a country like us,” says Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Moscow, June 10: Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said Moscow has the opportunity to form partnerships not only with India and China, but also with Latin America and Africa, making it impossible to “defend” a country like Russia from the outside. Insisted. President Putin said in a meeting with young entrepreneurs here on Thursday that the world is vast and diverse.

“You just mentioned China and India. Why only China and India? It’s also Latin America. Perhaps Africa today is still asleep, but awakened and 1.5 billion people live there. What about Southeast Asia? “He was reportedly told by Russia’s state-run Tas news agency. President Putin said Russia has the opportunity to partner not only with China and India, but also with Latin America and Africa, which is “still asleep but awake.” Russian President Vladimir Putin compares himself to Peter the Great to justify Russia’s invasion of Ukraine..

Bilateral relations with Russia are an important pillar of India’s foreign policy. India sees Russia as a longtime friend who has played an important role in its economic development and security. Putin seems to be referring to the economic sanctions imposed by the West on Moscow following a military operation in Ukraine, saying “it is impossible to isolate a country like Russia from the outside world.” He said Russia’s current mission is to “regain and strengthen” its sovereignty and territory.

“Our mission also seems to be to recover and strengthen. If we move forward from the fact that these core values ​​are the basis of our existence, we will definitely be in front of us. You will succeed in achieving a certain goal, “Putin said. As the European Union calls for alternatives to Russia’s energy supply, Pudding said Russia’s abandonment of energy resources is unlikely for the next few years. Russia-Ukraine War: Russia is trying to end the US-dominated world order, says Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov..

The recent rejection of Russia’s energy resources seems unlikely, he said. “As for the abandonment of our energy resources, the odds are low for the next few years and no one knows what will happen in the next few years. No one will install a concrete plug in a well, That’s not necessary, “Putin said.

The President of Russia visited a multimedia exhibition held at the All-Russian Exhibition Center. It is dedicated to the 350th anniversary of the birth of the first Russian emperor, Peter the Great. He praised Peter the Great’s role in the construction of the Russian state. Putin, likened to Peter the Great’s time, said Peter I did not occupy Swedish territory during the Great Northern War, but “regained them.”

When Peter the Great founded Russia’s new capital, he said, none of the European nations recognized Russia’s rights to the region. “Everyone considered it part of Sweden, but the Slavic people have lived there with the Finno-Ugric people since ancient times, and the region was dominated by the Russian state. The same was true for the west, “Putin said.

President Putin said Peter I was “a prominent politician, military leader,” and a patriot who was dedicated to serving the country. According to him, Peter I’s ambitious reforms in state management, economy, science, culture and education “helped to strengthen Russia’s authority on the international arena and strengthened the country’s development for centuries. It was decided as a sovereign power. “

In October 2018, Putin signed a decree celebrating the 350th anniversary of Peter the Great’s birth this year. Peter the Great was the last emperor of Russia (1682-1721) and the first emperor (1721-1725), under which the normal army and navy were founded in Russia, and the city of St. Petersburg was established. The country was declared an empire and a major reform.

Putin announced a “special military operation” in Ukraine on February 24, leading to a series of sanctions by the West along with criticism by the United Nations and the EU. Many multinationals have ceased operations in Russia as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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