Russia curbs gas to Slovakia, catastrophe is not imminent

June 20, 2010 11:51 Me Premium content

Russia claims it was due to equipment repairs, but the EU mentions political pressure.

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Russian gas giant Gazprom is reducing its gas supply to Slovakia. Richard Prokypčák, CEO of the state utility SPP, confirmed this at the ITAPA conference.

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He added that there is still a risk that the gas supply from Russia will be cut off altogether. However, according to Prokypčák, the current situation caused by the Russian side does not endanger the SPP. The company has no plans to limit gas supplies to large corporations or households.

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The tank is one-third full

The SPP continues to fill natural gas storage tanks to prepare Slovakia for the next heating season. However, a recent outage has occurred. Russia’s supply fell by a factor of 10 on Wednesday and 34% on Thursday. On Friday, the company predicted that supply would decline by about 50 percent.

According to the plan, on July 10, the storage tank could be filled with an amount that covers winter Slovak consumption.

Currently, Slovakia has enough gas to cover one-third of its annual consumption. Of the European countries, only Austria is in better condition, with tanks filled up to 40 percent of annual consumption.

The Russian side pays contractual fines to reduce supply, but they have not liquidated. But for strategic reasons, it pays off as it restrains Europe and the uncertainties that follow raise gas prices. will help you. “data-msg-btn-logout =” Log in as another user “data-msg-btn-close =” Keep logged in “> Russia curbs gas to Slovakia, catastrophe is not imminent

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