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Russia denies refraining from supplying gas to Europe

Russia’s energy giant Gazprom has rejected accusations that Moscow has restricted gas supplies to Europe and has accused Germany of reselling gas to Poland as prices soar.

Poland accused Gazprom of “manipulating” this week, accusing Moscow of suspending delivery of Russian gas to Western Europe via the Yamal Europe pipeline.

The pipeline was running in reverse mode this week, sending gas from Germany to Poland. Public data show as European gas prices have risen.

President Vladimirputin denied that the direction of the flow was a political move on Friday, saying Poland had “on the sidelines” of Russia in managing the pipeline.

Gazprom spokesman Sergei Kuplyanov said late Saturday that “all criticisms of Russia and Gazprom for not supplying enough gas to the European market are completely unfounded, unacceptable and untrue.” rice field.

He said that some Russian gas buyers, especially Germany and France, had no additional orders and that the backflow of gas that came as “winter has just begun” is “not the most rational decision”. He said he blamed him.

“I don’t want to talk about such reverse supply prices,” he said in an interview on state television. “These prices are significantly higher than the contract volume prices set by Gazprom.”

“All the problems in Western Europe were caused by themselves and there is no need to blame Gazprom for this. It is better to look in the mirror.”

Western nations put pressure on Europe in tensions over the Ukrainian conflict and restricted gas supplies to push the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline set up to transport Russian gas to Germany. Has blamed Russia for several weeks.

Germany’s Department of Energy poured cold water on Sunday’s accusations that Russia had withheld childbirth.

The ministry told AFP, “Long-term supply contracts, including Russia, are being complied with, and long-term volumes of gas have arrived in Germany.”

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/706895/Russia-denies-withholding-gas-supplies-to-Europe Russia denies refraining from supplying gas to Europe

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