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Russia detains opposition for Israeli citizenship – Middle East Monitor

Russian police have detained opposition politician Leonid Gozman today, his lawyer said. Reuters Report.

“At the entrance to the Frunzenskaya subway station, he was detained by a subway police officer,” Gozman lawyer Mikhail Bilukoff said on Facebook.

Gozman was the last leader of a small Union of Right Forces party that brought together free market reformers such as Anatoly Chubais, who left Russia, and Boris Nemtsov, who was shot dead near the Kremlin in 2015.

Since the invasion of Ukraine on February 24, political objections have become more dangerous in Russia. Protesters are routinely arrested, and public criticism of the war risks prosecution.

Gozman publicly claimed that President Vladimir Putin had caused a lot of damage to Russia by invading Ukraine since Joseph Stalin, and post-Soviet Russia was essentially dead in the war.

Putin said that what he called his “special military operation” in Ukraine was essential and had to protect Russian-speaking people from persecution because the West was using Ukraine to threaten Russia. Stated.

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Gozman was officially listed last month as what Russia calls a “foreign agent” – anyone who receives money from a foreigner or is under the influence of a foreigner.

According to the Interior Ministry, he was on the federal wanted list. I didn’t immediately understand the reason.

In his last public post on Telegram, Gozman said:

“Only if you understand what you have to pay-go ahead, and God will help you. Everyone else-don’t give up.”

https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20220725-russia-detains-opposition-figure-due-to-israel-citizenship/ Russia detains opposition for Israeli citizenship – Middle East Monitor

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