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Russia dismantles REvil hacker group and arrests members

According to Russian domestic intelligence, a US-requested operation seized $ 5.5 million and 20 luxury cars.

An unprecedented attack by a group targeting US software company Kaseya affected an estimated 1,500 companies last July. (Reuters)

Russia has conducted a special operation against the ransomware criminal group REvil at the request of the United States, detaining and prosecuting members of the group.

The hacker group Washington wanted was dismantled, and the United States was informed of the steps Russia had taken., The domestic intelligence agency FSB said on Friday.

“… the organized crime association has disappeared and the information infrastructure used for criminal purposes has been incapacitated,” the FSB said on its website.

The statement added that $ 5.5 million worth and 20 luxury cars were confiscated in the operation.

The US embassy in Moscow said it could not comment immediately.

A source familiar with the case told Interfax that members of the Russian citizenship group would not be handed over to the United States.

On a July phone call, Biden told Putin to “take action” against a ransomware group operating in Russia, otherwise Washington would “take the necessary actions” to protect Americans. Warned.

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Up to $ 10 Million Rewards

In November, the United States said it was offering up to $ 10 million in incentives for information that would lead to the identification or location of people who hold important positions in the REvil Group.

The United States has been hit by a series of high-profile hacks by ransom-seeking cybercriminals.

An unprecedented attack targeting US software company Kaseya affected an estimated 1,500 companies.

The Kaseya attack reported on July 2 closed Sweden’s major supermarket chains, bounced around the world, affecting companies in at least 17 countries, from pharmacies to gas stations to dozens of New Zealand kindergartens. Gave.

The Meatpacker JBS SA was hit by an attack carried out by the REvilgroup.

Immediately after the attack, REvil’s “Dark Web” page went offline, causing speculation as to whether the move was the result of government-led action.

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