Russia does not interfere with Ukraine’s grain transport, Putin says

Russian President Vladimir Putin denied on Friday that Moscow was blocking Ukraine’s grain exports as Russia’s ongoing blockade of the Black Sea port continued to raise fears of a global food crisis.

Kyiv is one of the world’s leading exporters of wheat, corn and sunflower oil, but its shipments have been hampered since Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine, and countries have been hit by rising global food prices and the drought in Africa. Contributes to the shortage of. Russia, meanwhile, has accused Western sanctions on Moscow for food shortages.

“The hysteria over the end of transport through the Black Sea port is, as we say, artificially inflated,” Interfax said. Quote President Putin said at a press conference at the BRICS Summit via a video link.

“Russia does not prevent the export of Ukrainian grain from the country’s territory and is ready to allow cargo ships containing grain to pass freely into the high seas.”

Russian leaders said this would only be possible if Ukrainian troops destroyed the Black Sea port and nearby waters.

President Putin “destabilized global agricultural production” by limiting fertilizer supplies from Russia and Belarus and “making it difficult” for Moscow to export grain, especially the United States. I blamed him.

“Rising prices for agricultural staples, such as grains, have hit the most difficult developing countries and are developing markets where bread and flour are the necessary survivors for the majority of the population,” Putin said. ..

“”[Russia] Putin added that Moscow is ready to provide produce, fertilizer and fuel as well.

Ukrainian and Western officials have also accused Russia of plundering large amounts of grain and farm tools from the occupied territories of Ukraine, the Kremlin denies.

Russian and Turkish officials talked this week about arranging grain exports from Ukraine.

AFP contributed to the report. Russia does not interfere with Ukraine’s grain transport, Putin says

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