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Three Norwegian diplomats working at the Norwegian embassy in Moscow have been declared unwelcome in Russia. Their looming expulsion comes in response to Norway’s decision to pack three Russian diplomats earlier this month.

Three diplomats working at the Norwegian embassy in Moscow were banished on Wednesday. This is primarily retaliation for Norway’s expulsion of three Russian diplomats three weeks ago.Photo: Wikipedia

“We are not surprised,” Norwegian Foreign Minister Aniken Whitfeld told the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) Wednesday afternoon.Norway Exiled three Russian diplomats I look forward to retaliation on April 6th.

“Like other European countries and allies, we have minimized contact with Russian authorities,” Huitfeldt wrote in a comment to the NRK. “We protect cooperation and channels related to safety and security. The same applies to the security of sustainable management in our neighborhood.”

Huitfeldt claimed that the Norwegians currently being sent back to Norway conducted “normal diplomatic activities” in Russia. However, Russia’s war against Ukraine has affected relations between Russia and Norway, which “continues to work with our close allies and partners to oppose Russia’s aggression and support Ukraine. I added.

Russia argued that Norway’s current “unfriendly” position with Russia undermines bilateral relations between Norway and Russia. Norway linked the expulsion of Russian diplomats to Russia’s Ukrainian war.

The NRK reported that Norway’s Russian ambassador, Rune Reasland, was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday noon and made a formal protest against Norway’s decision to return three diplomats.Russia also opposed Norwegian military aid to Ukraine And how Norway has defended Ukraine.

A total of 25 Norwegian diplomats are working at the Moscow embassy, ​​and the expulsion has reduced personnel by more than 10%.

Russia has expelled four Swedish diplomats this week. Three of them worked at the Swedish Embassy in Moscow and one at the Swedish Consulate in St. Petersburg. Berglund Russia expels Norwegian diplomats | Norwegian news in English —

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