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Russia faces a backlash over the closure of a prominent rights group memorial

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken states that the Russian Supreme Court’s decision to close Memorial International is an “insult” to human rights.

The move came after Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed groups defending “terrorist and extremist groups.” (Reuters)

The United States has condemned the closure of Memorial International, a prominent rights group by the Russian Supreme Court.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken called the decision an “insult” to human rights on Wednesday.

“The persecution of the International Memorial and Memorial Human Rights Center is an insult to their noble mission and the causes of human rights everywhere,” he said, referring to the group’s sister organizations that are also at risk of closure. ..

The decision added, “a year after a rapidly shrinking space for Russia’s independent civil society, the media and democratic activists.”

The ruling came after President Vladimir Putin accused groups of defenders of “terrorist and extremist groups.”

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International backlash

The court’s ruling also sparked an international backlash from Europe.

France’s Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian added that the dissolution of Memorial International was a “terrible loss” for Russia, and that this decision was “extremely worrisome” for the future of historical research and the protection of human rights.

Germany called the court’s decision “more than incomprehensible” and said it violated its international obligation to protect basic civil rights.

Maria Peichinovich Brick, Secretary General of the European Council, said “catastrophic news” means that Russia “looks further away from our common European standards and values.” ..

Proponents say the closure marks the end of the era of Russia’s post-Soviet democratization process, which began 30 years ago this month.

Group to appeal the decision

Judge Alla Nazarova ordered the closure of Memorial International and its regional branches after prosecutors accused the organization of not marking the organization with the label “foreign agent,” which is the tag of the group receiving foreign funds. rice field.

“Shame! Shame!” After the ruling, supporters shouted in court.

In a statement on Tuesday evening, Memorial International said it would appeal and find a “legal way” to continue its work.

“Memorials are neither an organization nor a social movement,” the statement said.

“The monument is that Russian citizens need to know the truth about the fate of millions of people about their tragic past.”

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