Russia has lost about one-third of its ground forces, British intelligence says

A Ukrainian counterattack was underway near the Russian-owned town of Izyum, but its troops said on Sunday that Russian troops were advancing elsewhere in the Donbas region, where Russian troops became the main theater of the war last month. reported.

The Ukrainian army, which has been fiercely resisting since Russia launched its invasion on February 24, has achieved a series of successes. He first forced the Russian commander to abandon his advance in the capital, Kieu, and then made rapid profits in the northeast to ward off his enemies. From Kharkov’s second largest city.

Since mid-April, Russian troops have concentrated much of their firepower to the east for what has become known as the “War in Donbas.”

Ukrainian troops provided updates on Sunday morning, stating that “despite the loss, Russian troops continue to move forward in the wider Donbass region of Lyman, Sievierodnetsk, Avdiivka and Krakifu.” rice field.

Ukrainian troops reported destroying eight Russian tanks, five cannon systems, and drones, along with other armored vehicles, as they fought across Donbus the day before.

The regional governor said Ukrainian troops launched a counterattack near the strategic city of Izyum, which straddles the Siverskyi Donets, about 120 km southeast of the highway from Kharkov.

“The hottest place remains the direction of Izyum,” Governor Ole Sinegboff said in a comment aired on social media. “Our army switched to counterattack there. The enemy has receded in some respects, which is a result of the character of our army.”

Reuters could not independently verify the Ukrainian report.

However, British military intelligence gave a terrible evaluation on Sunday for Russia’s Donbus campaign. Russia has lost about one-third of its ground combat units deployed in February, and the attack on Donbus is “significantly behind schedule”, and it is unlikely that it will move rapidly in the next 30 days. I am.

Maintaining pressure on Izyum and Russia’s supply lines will make it more difficult for Moscow to surround combat-strengthened Ukrainian troops on the Eastern Front of Donbus. Russia has lost about one-third of its ground forces, British intelligence says

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