Russia has no hostile intentions towards Finland and Sweden, says Deputy Foreign Minister Grusico

Lesny Dali (Sputnik) in the Moscow region-Russia has no hostile intentions towards Finland or Sweden, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said on Saturday.

“All this applies to the very common” search for enemies “in real politics. [and] Military sense, Russian demonization, assignment [Russia] There are hostile intentions towards some countries, but Russia can never doubt such intentions. “

The Deputy Minister admitted that Moscow has asked some questions about the future of Finland and Sweden’s nuclear status. By joining NATO, they will effectively abandon it.

“It is well known that Finland and Sweden are one of the most aggressive advocates for the ban and total destruction of nuclear weapons in the world, but the alliance remains nuclear as long as nuclear weapons exist. Declared nuclear. These countries will join the NATO Nuclear Program Group. “

Grushko Finland and Sweden join NATORussia needs to respond to this change in the security situation, but “this decision is not emotional and will be a careful and accurate analysis of all factors affecting the security situation in the region.” ..
The State Minister for Foreign Affairs also pointed out the decision to be promoted to NATO. Does not meet the national interests of Sweden or Finland And it does not foster a sustainable European security architecture. Instead, this move will effectively lead to “the militarization of the North, which until recently was Europe’s most militarily stable region, which favored cooperation over competition in the military field.”

“We find that the so-called front-line nations that have recently joined the alliance are those that are pursuing the most aggressive political path to Russia, and they have a military conflict with Russia on the border by pumping. It is a country that demands to become a border with Russia. With delegations, weapons, stockings, etc. “

The deputy minister also said Russia believes there is no good reason to explain Finland’s ambitions. Promote to NATO.

“There is no real reason for Finland to make such a serious strategic U-turn in the fields of politics, security and defense, but there can be very different scenarios, including negative ones. We have to consider that we have sex, “a diplomat told reporters.

Grushko states: NATO made a promise There are concerns that the nuclear policy will not change under the founding law, and that the alliance has adhered to this principle so far, but the situation may change. Diplomats emphasized that these allegations were made by senior officials such as NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. ..

“If these statements are translated into some practical actions, it will not only physically transfer US nuclear weapons to the territory of these countries, but also build the infrastructure necessary to use them. Given these joint nuclear missions, of course, if carried out by a non-nuclear-weapon state in violation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, [Russian] Nuclear deterrence. “

When asked if Russia could deploy nuclear capabilities in the Baltic Sea, diplomats said, “It is too early to talk about this issue.” Russia has no hostile intentions towards Finland and Sweden, says Deputy Foreign Minister Grusico

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