Russia imprison US teachers for 14 years on drug royalties

Russian courts have imprisoned former US teachers and diplomats for 14 years on charges of “massive” drug smuggling and possession, and media. report Thursday.

Mark Vogel Detained He reportedly passed customs at Moscow Airport in August 2021 when 11 grams of marijuana and 8 grams of hash oil were found in his luggage.

According to Russian authorities, he worked at the US Embassy in Moscow until May 2021. After that, he seems to have taken a teaching profession at an English-American school in Moscow.

According to Interfax, the Khimki City Court in Moscow has ruled on the acquisition, manufacture, smuggling and possession of large-scale drugs.

“A US citizen, MH Fogel, was sentenced to 14 years in the largest prison,” the court reportedly said.

Interfax report In April, Vogel pleaded guilty to some charges but denied his intentions.

“Vogel said it was necessary for medical purposes,” said a member of the Russian Presidential Human Rights Council and a prison observer at the time.

Vogel claimed that marijuana was prescribed by a US doctor and entered his medical record after spinal surgery, a member of a Russian prison observer told the media late last year.

He was reportedly unaware that Russia had banned medical cannabis.

The Russian Ministry of Interior said the drug was “cleverly disguised” in contact lens cases and arc cartridges, both wrapped in plastic and “hidden” in his sneakers.

Vogel is one of several Americans currently in Russian prisons in bilateral tensions, including former US Marine Corps Paul Whelan and basketball star Brittney Griner. Most prominent.

Another former Marine, Trevor Reed, was exchanged in April with Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroschenko, who was convicted in the United States of drug smuggling charges. Russia imprison US teachers for 14 years on drug royalties

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