Russia marks Nazi invasion anniversary during the Ukrainian war

Russia commemorates the 81st anniversary of the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union on Wednesday in an attack on Ukraine in Moscow, which has killed thousands of people since World War II and caused Europe’s largest refugee crisis. doing.

June 22, the day Hitler’s army invaded the Soviet Union as part of Operation Barbarossa in 1941, was the beginning of what Russia called the Great Patriotic War, and today it is a day of memory and sadness in the country. is known.

The Russian military cathedral began a communion ceremony after midnight with a divine liturgy and a memorial service for an estimated 27 million Soviet soldiers and civilians killed in the war.

Then, every day of the war, 1,418 candles were lit outside the cathedral.

Activists across nine time zones in Russia are so-called “Memory candleA procession of lighting Russian flags and candles in the shape of Soviet soldiers and singing patriotic World War II songs.

In the occupied port city of Mariupol in southern Ukraine, devastated by several weeks of Russian bombardment, pro-Moscow activists lit 10,000 candles and spelled the phrase “remember 22.06.1941”.

Ministry of Defense of Russia Release Some of its archives praising the Red Army soldiers who fought the Nazi invasion refuted the controversial allegations that Soviet leader Joseph Stalin had planned to invade Germany and fed food from the Soviet Union. Shed light on the Nazi plans to rob.

President Vladimir Putin, who ordered the invasion to “demilitarize and demilitarize” Ukraine on February 24, will bloom in honor of the dead.

Russia calls the aggression a “special military operation” and prosecutes those who call it war. Russia marks Nazi invasion anniversary during the Ukrainian war

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