Russia may be preparing a provocation in the Black Sea – Bulgaria is a potential target –

Ukrainian Navy type “Gyurza M” armored artillery ship

Russia Preparing a new provocation in the Black Sea, among the potential targets of the provocation Bulgaria The Crimea Reintegration Society of Romania, a non-governmental platform that analyzes problems after Russia’s occupation of Crimea and seeks solutions, said in its official Facebook profile.Possibility to bombard the site with Bulgaria Romania is not excluded.

According to the association Russia Moved the armored artillery ship to the Black Sea Ukrainian A navy of type “Gurza M” captured by Russians in the port of Berdyans’k. Boats were found in the Sevastopol region and Snake Island.

At the same time, from Romanian territorial waters Ukrainian The ports of the Donau River in Reni and Izmail are concentrated in the south of Snake Island. The Crimea Reintegration Association claims that there are reports of Russian troops attempting to use radio equipment. Ukrainian A boat for spreading false messages at frequencies originally designed to ensure navigation safety.

“”In the future, Ukrainian Assets seized from Russian invaders, including the artillery vessels mentioned above, will be used in direct provocations against third-country merchant ships to blame Ukraine, create casualties and pollute the marine environment. There is a possibility.

Also, Russian occupiers probably said,Ukrainian‘Auxiliary Navy or special vessel boats BulgariaGeorgia, Romania, Turkey, or even bombardment of civilian coastal sites of critical infrastructure Bulgaria Or Romania.. “

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