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Russia needs more people, Bill passed to relax citizenship rules

Moscow: According to the Russian Times, Russian President Vladimir Putin submitted a bill to the House of Representatives on Wednesday, simplifying the process of gaining citizenship for people and their children living within the Soviet Union border.

According to TASS News, this option will be available to children, Great Patriotic War veterans, former Soviet citizens, and close relatives of Russian citizens. The bill states that Russian citizens cannot be deprived of their citizenship. He said Russian citizens have the right to change their citizenship and will not be expelled or handed over.

According to TASS News, citizens’ rights are not restricted based on color, race, ethnicity, language or religion under this law. An important difference between this newly submitted bill and the current law is that marriage is not the only subject of citizenship. The bill simplifies the process of providing citizenship to Russian citizens and those with children, including adoption.

Eligible candidates for this simplified naturalization also include military service members who were serving Russian troops stationed outside Russia as of February 6, 1992. In particular, this simplified acquisition of Russian citizenship does not apply to investors or highly qualified professionals.

According to TASS News, the naturalization of special circumstances could be initiated by the federal government, the head of the region, and the non-profit organization Russia-Country of Opportunities. These applicants can take advantage of simplified naturalization if justified. This includes their achievements in culture, science, engineering, manufacturing, sports, civil activity, economy, and contributions to Russia’s defense and security.

President Putin previously stated that Russia faces demographic and economic challenges due to its vast area, but the country’s population is only 146 million. He said the population was “insufficient” in terms of the size of the land. He said Russia’s working age is only 81 million, which is a disadvantage for Russia and the feasible workforce is small compared to its size.

Earlier this month, Putin said: According to the Russian Times News (rt News): [while] In their hometown “

Citizenship revocation

According to TASS News, the bill includes reasons for the naturalization of citizenship to be revoked. This includes terrorism-related felony, such as drug trafficking and crimes against the state.

Under previous law, the renunciation of citizenship was handled by the president, but current law has changed this. Currently, the Ministry of Interior will handle any request for renunciation of citizenship.

https://www.siasat.com/russia-needs-more-people-bill-passed-to-ease-citizenship-rules-2250933/ Russia needs more people, Bill passed to relax citizenship rules

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