Russia organizes cholera epidemics in Ukraine – Romanian Journal

Russian national hygiene doctors prepare residents in the area adjacent to Ukraine to fight dangerous illnesses.

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Hannah Popova, Russia’s main hygiene doctor, About cholera preventive measures.. According to this resolution, Popova calls attention to the condition of Russians living near the border with Ukraine. She also asked the hospital to prepare to handle complex patients. This document also requires territorial areas to prepare a laboratory for studying cholera epidemics by May 15.

The whole world remembers Russia’s claim about the Ukrainian Biological Institute, which was supposed to make weapons against the Slavs. Perhaps this is how Russians try to prove their claim at the United Nations. Recall that in March the United Nations reviewed Russia’s claims regarding the Ukrainian Institute for Biological Research. There was no evidence of the existence of laboratories or biological weapons.

Full text Here.. Russia organizes cholera epidemics in Ukraine – Romanian Journal

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