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Russia recognizes the territory of eastern Ukraine as “independent”,

Russian President Vladimir Putin, paving the way for military support and providing them, raises the fear of Ukraine’s invasion and recognizes the independence of the two territories of Ukraine. Here’re latest update:

Russia has recognized both territories as independent statelets, challenging the Western warning that such steps are illegal and will kill long-running peace talks. (Reuters)

Monday, February 21, 2022

President Putin orders Russian troops in the secession territory of eastern Ukraine

After recognizing his “independence” from Moscow and Kiev, Putin ordered his Ministry of Defense to send Russian peacekeeping forces to two secession territories in eastern Ukraine, according to public decree.

In two of the official of the laws and regulations in the second half of Monday Putin, “the ability to keep the peace” in the People’s Republic of the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk were instructed to assume ministries.

Russia has recognized both territories as independent statelets, challenging such steps as illegal and Western warnings that kill long-running peace talks off.

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The United States guarantees support for Ukraine

US President Joe Biden has accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of recognizing the two secession territories of Ukraine, alleging that he has spoken to the latest developments in the crisis, the following world leaders:

In a call with Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine “condemns Russia’s President Putin’s decision to make Ukraine’s so-called DNR and’self-reliant’Biden in the LNR region strongly rumored to recognize,” the White House said.

Biden also “updated President Zelenskyy in response to the United States, including our plans in sanctions on the matter. President Biden swiftly locked steps with allies and partners to further Russian invasion of the United States against Ukraine. And he reiterated that he would take decisive action. “

In another statement, Emmanuel Macron of France and Olav Schorz of Germany “will they adjust their response to the next steps?” Biden said.

Russia now has the right to build a military base in eastern Ukraine

Russia has acquired the right to build military bases in two secession territories in Ukraine under a new contract with their separatist leaders, according to a copy of a contract signed by President Putin released on Monday. ..

Russia and the secession territory will also sign separate contracts on military cooperation and border protection, according to a law that the Russian House of Representatives of Parliament will consider on Tuesday.

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OSCE reports more than 3,000 truce violations

Monitors from OSCE Europe’s security body report high in the year that came to the decision of more than 3,000 new ceasefire violations in Eastern Ukraine, Russia’s decision to recognize the separatist territory there earlier.

In the daily report on the basis of the information received up to Sunday evening, OSCE has reported another 1073 in the neighboring countries of the violations and Luhansk in the new Donetsk region of 5 stars 2158.

U.S. Allies Demand Urgent Ukrainian UNSC Conference

A diplomat told AFP that he had called for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on Russia’s perception of Ukraine’s separatist territory as allies such as the United States and France became independent.

The countries behind the request of the conference are based on a letter from Ukraine to the United Nations, and also the United Kingdom, Ireland, Albania, etc., said the same source.

This is up to the revolving president of the council currently held in Russia to formally schedule the meeting.

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See Türkiye: Russia’s perception of the Ukrainian region “unacceptable”

See Türkiye breached international agreements and Ukrainian territorial integrity, calling it and struck Russia’s perception of two secession territories in eastern Ukraine as independent.

“Russia’s decision is not only to recognize the amount of Donetsk and the Republic of Luhansk in a clear breach of the Minsk contract, but also to recognize the political union of Ukraine, sovereignty and territorial integrity,” said the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“When we can not accept to find a so-called decision-making of Russia, to reject it,” the Ministry calls on all sides to respect international law, it said.

NATO members who share the maritime border between Ukraine and Russia in both the Black Sea see Türkiye having good relations with both neighbors and threatening to invade Ukraine, warning Moscow. I have provided it to mediate. Ankara also opposes Russian sanctions.

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Source: Reuters

https://www.trtworld.com/europe/live-blog-russia-recognises-eastern-ukraine-regions-as-independent-54992?utm_source=other&utm_medium=rss Russia recognizes the territory of eastern Ukraine as “independent”,

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