Russia resumes attack on besieged Mariupol steelworks

Russian troops have resumed attacks on Ukrainian fighters inside the Azovstal ironworks in the besieged city of Mariupol.

The army launched new bombardment of the factory on Tuesday, May 3, after accusing Ukrainian fighters of violating the armistice.

Journalists reported that the shooting was heard from the area, video From the scene, we saw pillars of smoke rising from the plants.

“”[The Azov Battalion and the Armed Forces of Ukraine] I came out of the basement and took the firing position.Currently, military units of the Russian Army and the Donetsk People’s Republic are beginning to destroy these positions using cannons and aircraft. ” Told the state-owned RIA Novosti news agency..

Mariupol, the strategic port of the Sea of ​​Azov, has been besieged by Russian troops for over two months. Russian fighters now dominate most of the city, with a small number of Ukrainian soldiers holding the city’s steel mills.

Dozens of civilians are also trapped in the basement of the factory, where they are protected from Russian artillery.

As part of the “”, about 100 civilians evacuated from the besieged steel factory.Safe passage operation“May 2. Russia resumes attack on besieged Mariupol steelworks

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