Russia says it shot down an invading drone near the Ukrainian border

Russia shot down a Ukrainian drone overnight, saying it showed the latest cross-border invasion of Russia’s border area as Moscow invaded Ukraine.

Governor Roman Starovoyt of the Kursk region said the Soviet-era Tu-141 reconnaissance drone was shot down after invading Russian airspace late Tuesday.

The footage shared by Starovoit showed that what he said was a fragment of a downed drone.

Starovoit said there were no injuries or damages from the invasion.

However, the inhabitants of Kursk Doubt Based on the governor’s guarantee, it was speculated that the area might have been hit by a missile.

Local authorities later said they would remove incorrect information posted online, and major local Telegram channels subsequently closed the comments section.

Reported strikes on Russian territory became more common after Moscow troops withdrew from Kieu in late March and Ukrainian troops launched a counterattack approaching the Russian border.

Independent media report In the last four months, at least four civilians and seven soldiers have been killed on suspicion of cross-border attacks.

Some border areas have increased the threat level of terrorism in response to attacks.

Ukraine does not claim responsibility for the attack on Russian territory, but does not formally deny being behind them. Russia says it shot down an invading drone near the Ukrainian border

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