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Russia tests spacecraft, S-550 system capable of hitting hypersonic targets

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According to state media, the first S-550 air defense system went into combat missions in a “successful” test.

Russia aims to ensure its defense-in-depth capability, from low-altitude to high-altitude threats. (Reuters)

Russia has “successfully” tested the S-550 missile, paving the way for air defense systems to enter combat missions, according to state media.

A source close to the Ministry of Defense told state-owned TASS news agency Wednesday that the missile system could “attack spacecraft, ballistic missile re-entry vehicles, and hypersonic aircraft at altitudes of tens of thousands of kilometers.” ..

Russia’s comprehensive missile and air defense now consists of a Pantsir system for low altitude, a family of S-systems from S-350 to S-500 for long-range targets, and an S-550 for space defense. I am.

On November 15, Sergey Chemezov, head of the Russian state technology company Rostec, said the S-550 has longer range target detection and missile interception capabilities.

Russia aims to strengthen every layer of airspace with various defense systems. Some countries have purchased missile defense systems from Moscow.

In 2017, Turkey and Russia signed an agreement on the S-400 missile defense system.

In 2018, India signed a $ 5.5 billion contract with Russia to purchase the S-400.

Turkey, a NATO ally, faces US sanctions on the defense pact, but Washington has given various signals about the deal between India and Russia.

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