Russia-Ukraine War: 900 teachers have joined the Ukrainian army, says Education Minister Serhiy Shkarlet

Kyiv, June 21st: Ukraine’s Minister of Education Serhiy Shkarlet said that about 900 teachers have joined the country’s army so far since Russia’s invasion of Kyiv began.

Ukrayinska Prauda spoke with local media on Monday, saying that 513 out of 900 were qualified teachers and an additional 377 were still studying their educational qualifications...Russia-Ukraine War: Ukrainian citizens kill Russian soldiers by giving them poison cake and alcohol, reports say

“We are proud of each of them. There are also people in the Ministry of Education who have joined the Ukrainian army,” he said.

The minister also talked about the availability of bomb shelters at schools that are due to resume face-to-face lessons on September 1.

According to Shkarlet, 25% of all schools have bomb shelters, allowing students to go directly to school.

“As of today, depending on the security situation at the time, the school year begins on September 1. Everyone is fed up with online education, but active hostilities in eight states (regions). Is continuing. We will resume face-to-face lessons in areas near the front line. “

He said it was the responsibility of the school’s founders, most often local governments, to make the appropriate bomb shelters available at each school.

Earlier, the Ministry of Education and Science stated that some Ukrainian schools need to organize education directly on shifts, as bomb shelters may not be able to accommodate all students at once.

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