Russia-Ukraine War: US assists Ukraine at Intel to kill Russian generals

Washington, May 5: According to media reports, the United States has assisted Kieu’s army in killing Russian generals by sharing information about their location in Ukraine, citing U.S. officials.

According to the New York Times, the United States reportedly provided Kieu with information about Russia’s mobile military headquarters, which are said to frequently relocate to conflict zones.

Later, Kieu combined this data with his own information to carry out artillery and other attacks that could lead to the death of the commander, sources told the paper, RT quoted the report.

However, US officials refused to identify exactly how many Russian generals were killed with the help of the United States. They also did not reveal the method Washington used to obtain data on Russian headquarters regarding concerns that it could hinder further intelligence gathering. Russia-Ukraine War: Blow up Moldova amid growing fears that Vladimir Putin could be the target of the next invasion.

Throughout the conflict between Moscow and Kyiv, the New York Times report noted that US agencies have relied on a variety of sources, including classified and commercial satellites, to track Russian military movements.

The reported support for the general’s targeting was part of a categorized effort by President Joe Biden’s administration to provide Ukraine with real-time battlefield information, sources said.

Adrian Watson, a spokeswoman for the National Security Council, refused to report, claiming that Ukrainian troops were not provided with US battlefield information “with the intention of killing a Russian general.”

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby acknowledged that the United States “provided Ukraine with information and information that could be used to protect them,” but refused to disclose the details of that data.

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