“Russia uses nuclear weapons to protect sovereignty,” says President Vladimir Putin.

Moscow, June 18: Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was not threatening the world with nuclear weapons, but Moscow warned that he would “use such weapons to protect its sovereignty.”

He made a speech at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on Friday. Vladimir Putin states that “countries trying to isolate Russia are hurting only themselves.”

When asked to comment on Western claims about the threat of nuclear war and World War III, the president said: Senior politician …

“Should we keep silence? We are responding accordingly. As soon as we respond, they choose our words and say: Look, Russia calls us. I’m threatening. We use it to protect our sovereignty. These are obvious. “

Regarding the ongoing Russian war in Ukraine, Putin argued that the legal aspect of the aggression, which Moscow calls a “special military operation,” is fully compliant with international law.

“If the territory is separated from the state, there is no need to seek permission from the central authorities,” Ukrainian President Prouda recalled the UN International Court of Justice’s ruling on Kosovo, citing the president’s remarks.

“In this case, the Republic of Donbus did not have to seek permission from the Kieu authorities. They declared their independence. In this regard, did we have the right to admit them? Of course we do. We did it. We signed it. In accordance with the Mutual Aid Agreement with them, and this Agreement and Article 151 of the Charter of the United Nations, we will provide them with military aid.

“Did we have the right? We were fully compliant with the Charter of the United Nations. Whether people like it or not. We did it ourselves and set a precedent. Therefore, our actions are absolutely legal, “he added.

Putin said the Ukrainian war was a “necessary measure”, admitting that “military action is always a tragedy.”

Talking about the numerous sanctions imposed on Russia by the West as a result of the war, they were “crazy and thoughtless” presidential leaders.

“The economic blitz against Russia had no chance of success from the beginning,” the BBC quoted Putin.

He argued that the European Union could lose more than $ 400 billion due to sanctions against Russia, saying the restrictions were “more harmful” to those who imposed them.

He said inflation was rising across the block of 27 members, ignoring the “real interests” of Europeans.

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