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Russia will take four years to rebuild its pre-war army – Estonia

As the conflict enters its 237th day, President Zelensky says many Ukrainians are in cold and dark as a new series of intensified Russian airstrikes cut off power and water supplies. increase.

Russia said it was preparing to evacuate civilians from the Moscow-occupied southern Ukraine city of Kherson amid heavy fighting in the region. (AFP archive)

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Estonia: Ongoing fighting has depleted Moscow’s arsenal

Estonia’s Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur said it would likely take two to four years for Russia to rebuild its military strength before the conflict in Ukraine, urging continued pressure to keep Russia in check.

With Russia allegedly eyeing Iran’s kamikaze drones to attack Ukraine, Pevkur said Moscow’s arsenal was too depleted to use the S-300 air defense system as a conventional missile. , said it had heard reports of Russian artillery shells exploding in the air. too old

“The consensus, more or less, is that it will take two to four years for Russia to regain some capacity, or even the same capacity it had before the conflict.”

Moldova may announce mobilization

Moldova’s Defense Minister Anatoly Nosati said Moldova could declare mobilization if fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces neared its border.

Asked more about whether mobilization would be declared in Moldova, Nosati said: “For this scenario to be implemented, serious changes are needed on the Ukrainian front line.”

“For example, it could happen if fighting approaches our borders, if there are changes regarding migration from Ukraine to our country, or if we become aware of the mobilization of military forces in conflict areas,” he added. rice field. Of the missiles flew over the territory of Moldova.

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