Russian artist of Brezhnev-Honecker kiss graffiti dies

Dmitry Vrubel, a Russian painter who became famous for his painting on the Berlin Wall of the communist leaders of the Soviet Union and East Germany kissing. died At the age of 62, he became the capital of Germany.

One of the best-known Berlin Wall graffiti, Vrubel’s 1990 work “My God, help me survive this deadly love” was created in 1979 by the Soviet leader Features a photographic reproduction of Leonid Brezhnev kissing East German leader Erich Honecker.

Vrubel’s obituary was shared late Sunday by Milena Orlova, editor-in-chief of the Russian arts newspaper.

Tributes from fans and colleagues flooded Vrubel’s Facebook page after news of his death spread late Sunday.

Vrubel was hospitalized with a suspected coronavirus in late June, and his wife, artist Viktoria Timofeeva, SaidHe was placed in a medically-induced coma in mid-July due to heart failure, Timofeyeva wrote on Facebook.

Born in Moscow in 1960, Vrubel moved to Berlin in 1990 and quickly became famous for his murals.

Vrubel attended art school, but did not graduate.However, in 1983 he was admitted as a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR

Vrubel was a constant art opponent in his early years. In 1986, he organized an informal and illegal art show in his apartment, and the following year he joined the “Avant-garde club” (Russian abbreviation KLAVA). Artist and writer Dmitry Prigov and poet Lev Rubinstein.

In 2020 in Moscow, Vrubel was a witness in the defense of two curators accused of inciting religious animosity in a show called “Forbidden Art – 2006” at the Sakharov Center.

at that time he Said“We are again in a country where the state supports one position and aesthetic and calls everything else illegal. Horrible.” Russian artist of Brezhnev-Honecker kiss graffiti dies

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