Russian bombing in Vinizia, Central Ukraine. At least 20 people died, including two children – Romanian Journal

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Russians have launched new bombings in central and eastern Ukraine. Three Russian missiles attacked housing, shopping centers and medical centers Vinnytsia.. The missile targeted the officer’s house, but also hit some private buildings. Dozens of people were killed or injured, including children.

Russian missiles also attacked Nikolaev’s school. Russian troops attempted to re-attack Zmiinyi Island in the Black Sea, a territory reclaimed by the Ukrainians.

According to the latest information provided by Ukrainian authorities, the death toll after the bomb attack in Vinnytsia reached 20. Among the victims are two children. Also, at least 90 people were injured.

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister has demanded that Russians be blamed for war crimes. “”At least one child was killed among the victims of a rocket attack on Vinita. We judge Russian war criminals for every drop of Ukrainian blood and tears. ” Clever wrote. Meanwhile, dozens of rescuers are looking inside the ruins of a building attacked by a Russian missile.

“The missile was aimed at an office building,” said Vinnytsia police chief Igor Klimenko. He added that nearby homes were also damaged. This is the first Russian bombing at Vinnytsia.

Russians tried to attack Zmiinyi Island

According to Operational Command South Ukraine, a pair of Russian SU-27 fighters attempted to bomb Zmiinyi Island, CNN wrote.

“The bomb fell into the sea near the island.” Operations Command said it gave no further details.

Located in the Black Sea off the southern coast of Ukraine, the island is considered strategically important not only for war, but also for the transport of ships carrying Ukrainian grain. Airstrikes have been repeated on the island since the Russians departed on July 2nd and 7th.

Also on Thursday, several KA-52 helicopters attacked the southern region of Kherson three times without casualties, the operation commander said. He added that the Russian Navy has reorganized its ranks by saying it has three missile boats and two submarines at sea that “threate the entire territory of Ukraine.”

Nikolaev missile school

According to regional governor Vitali Kim, two educational institutions, a transportation infrastructure building and a hotel were damaged by Russian missiles in the city of Nikolaev this morning. He added that one was injured.

Kim also said the bombing of Pervomaisky killed four people yesterday and injured two others. The other day, a person was killed by a bomb in Bashtanka. Russian bombing in Vinizia, Central Ukraine. At least 20 people died, including two children – Romanian Journal

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